5 Important Oral Cancer Facts

June 18, 2017
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5 Important Oral Cancer Facts

Medical reports claim that approximately 48,250 Indians will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year alone. This is an alarming number, which is why dental professionals strongly recommend oral cancer screening to be done regularly for everybody — particularly those who are 30 years of age and older.

Oral Cancer Facts – Screening

Apart from oral cancer screening, dentists advise their patients to make smart lifestyle changes in order to reduce the risk of developing oral cancer. Smoking is definitely a big no-no; likewise, dentists also emphasize to their patients the importance of managing stress effectively. Stress can weaken the immune system due to the toxic amounts of adrenaline and cortisol making their way to vital organs.

Heed Your Dentists’ Advice 

It’ imperative to heed dentists’ advice regarding oral cancer because oral cancer is now one of the most prevalent cancers there are. Provided below are oral cancer facts that will convince you to take the risk of this disease very seriously.

Reports Say….

Reports reveal that out of the projected 48,250 individuals who’ll be diagnosed with oral cancer this year, only half of this number will be alive in the next five years.

WHO Records

The WHO records over 450,000 new cases of oral cancer all over the world each year. Therefore, if you think this is something that can’t happen to you, better think again and start implementing preventive methods.

The Mortality Rate

The mortality rate for oral cancer is quite high, even higher than cervical cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, cancer of the larynx, cancer of the testes, and thyroid cancer.

Proper Diagnoses

Oral cancer is a disease that’s actually difficult to properly diagnose in its early stages, which is why dentists insist on regular oral cancer screenings. One main obstacle to the early discovery of this cancer is the advent of the virus HPV16, which does not manifest common tell-tale signs of cancer such as visible lesions or discolorations.

Early Phase

Oral cancer is especially dangerous because in its early phase, patients really don’t feel anything unusually concerning in their mouth. This basically means that people who have the disease may not be able to make proactive decisions for prevention, allowing the disease to progress and become an even more serious and challenging condition to treat. Most of the time, oral cancer is only fully established when it has already spread to another location, most often the lymph nodes of the neck. Prognosis at this stage is more discouraging than when it is caught in a localized intra oral area. Besides the metastasis, during the later stages, the primary tumor has already had time to root deeply into local structures.

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