8 Dental Care Tips You Should Be Following

June 18, 2017
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Most people think that they observe good oral hygiene practices — until a trip to the dentist reveals some dental woes. However, most people’s knowledge of proper dental care can be limited, and there are also dental care tips that they may be neglecting to do.

In addition, they usually fail to recognize the importance of making the appropriate adjustments to their oral health routine when they undergo or implement changes in their lives (due to an illness, for example).

To avoid the risks that improper dental care can create,  These dental care tips below that can have a huge impact on your oral health:

Load Up On Calcium 

Load up on calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, cheese, milk and soybeans. These can boost the strength of your teeth and make them less prone to breakage, which can happen during accidents.

Soak Up Some Sun 

Make sure you fully activate the calcium you consume with vitamin D. You can get that straight from the sun while exercising (during the safest hours, of course, which are from 8 to 10 in the morning), or from various supplements available in the market.

Don’t Forget The Vitamin C 

Load up on vitamin C as well. Being deficient of this essential vitamin can lead to severe dental problems such as loose teeth and bleeding gums (periodontal disease). You can easily get vitamin C supplements, but if you wish for a more natural method of loading up on this vitamin, eating green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits as part of your meals will do the trick.

Have Some Crunchy Foods 

Consuming crunchy foods such as carrots and apples will not only polish your teeth naturally, but it will also help dislodge food particles between your teeth. Eat more of them.

Avoid High Sugar Content

If you can, avoid eating candies because of their high sugar content. Sugar converts to acids that can cause bad breath and promote tooth decay. Opt for sugarless gum instead – it even won’t make you fat.

Avoid Dry Mouth 

Make sure that your mouth is always moist. Chew gum or eat foods that can stimulate the salivary glands into producing even more saliva (especially when you’re under medication, as most meds tend to cause dry mouth). Healthy amounts of saliva, paired with frequent consumption of water, can neutralize acids and bacteria in the mouth that cause tooth decay.

Keep Flossing

Get better at flossing because this will effectively get rid of food stuck in your teeth. At the same time, it can also help you lose weight, especially if done before bed since it can discourage night-time snacking.

Mouthwash is Important 

Mouthwashes should be included in your daily oral health routine, adds the Laurel, MD dentist. They’re not just for keeping your breath fresh; they have fluoride and other elements that can inhibit bacterial activity in your mouth.

For more dental care tips, contact your local dentist at Specialist Dental Clinic.


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