Q I had a toothache and my dentist told me I need a root canal. He put me on antibiotics and it stopped hurting. Do I still need the root canal?
Q Why do I have to have that rubber thing on my mouth when I have a root canal?
Q I was told by my dentist that I needed a root canal. What is root canal treatment?
Q Are athletic mouthguards necessary?
Q Do you think extra fluoride would help prevent cavities, or is there enough fluoride in toothpastes?
Q Is it true that the teeth that have been broken due to an accident can be reattached?
Q Can I help prevent oral cancer?
Q I thought cavities were a problem for kids but not adults. As an adult, can I still get cavities?
Q How can I close spaces between my front teeth without braces or crowns?
Q What does an implant examination and diagnostic work up involve?
Q I haven’t been to the dentist in 10 years because nothing hurts. Wouldn’t my teeth hurt if they had a problem?
Q I would like to improve my smile. What options do I have?
Q I have heard that soda pop can affect my teeth. What problems does it cause and is diet pop OK?
Q Should I have the silver fillings in the back of my mouth replaced with tooth colored ones?
Q I do not like the spaces between my front teeth. What can I do?
Q My teeth are sensitive when I drink something cold. What can I do about it?
Q May I receive dental treatments during pregnancy?
Q I have heard that there is such a thing as a cone beam CT x-ray machine designed for dentistry. What is this and should my dentist have one?
Q I have been bothered with canker sores for a number of years. What are canker sores and can anything be done to treat them?
Q At a recent dental exam, my general dentist noticed an area on my gums which concerned him. He has recommended that I see an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for evaluation and possible treatment. Why?
Q Does the oral surgeon always use sutures when removing impacted wisdom teeth (3rd molars)?
Q I have osteoporosis and I take a bisphosphonate drug to help strengthen my bone structure. Recently I heard these drugs can interfere with bone healing in some people. Is that true?
Q My dentist recommended that I have my wisdom teeth extracted. Will I have to stay home from school?
Q I lost a tooth sometime ago and now worry that I do not have enough bone to allow dental implant placement. Do I have options if bone is missing?
Q I have been told that my jaws do not “match” one another affecting my bite and profile. What are my options for treatment?
Q My child has a bump on their lower lip. It periodically swells, then
Q My child was seen by his orthodontist and he recommended having teeth removed to facilitate his growth and dental development. Our general dentist referred us to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for their removal because my child is extremely fearful and apprehensive. Why?
Q My child has a baby tooth that has been loose for some time but it hasn't come out yet. I can see the permanent tooth coming in behind it. Do I need to do anything?
Q My seventeen year old daughter told me that she wants to get her tongue pierced. I don't feel comfortable with this. What do you suggest?
Q I need to have a tooth removed and my dentist suggested a dental implant. What is a dental implant?
Q What is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon?
Q Should my wisdom teeth be removed if they haven’t caused any problems yet?
Q There has been a lot of media attention recently about extreme makeovers. How can orthodontic treatment help achieve an ideal smile makeover?
Q I know orthodontic treatment provides cosmetic benefit, but what are some of the other reasons for having braces?
Q My dentist has recommended my daughter see an orthodontist because her canine teeth are not coming in correctly. How will this be corrected?
Q What is Invisalign?
Q Do I still need to see my dentist while I am in braces?
Q Is it necessary to have teeth removed for braces?
Q What is an underbite and what problem does it cause?
Q What is meant by a jaw discrepancy?
Q What is surgical orthodontics?
Q At what age is a patient too old for orthodontics?
Q At what age do most children begin orthodontic treatment?
Q At what age should I have my children seen by an orthodontist?
Q What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?
Q Are dental x-rays really necessary for my child?
Q My teenaged son drinks too much pop. Is sugar free pop safe for teeth?
Q Should I be flossing my 4 year old son's teeth?
Q How do dental sealants work?
Q My 10 year old daughter wants to bleach her teeth. At what age is it safe to bleach?
Q How much radiation does my child get from dental x-rays?
Q I heard somewhere that if my child has a tooth knocked out in an accident I should put it in milk. Is that true?
Q My child is 10 months old and still doesn't have any baby teeth. Should I be concerned?
Q Can you recommend some healthy snacks for my children that won't cause tooth decay?
Q What are things I should know about teething?
Q When will my child start losing her baby teeth?
Q When should my child first visit a dentist?
Q What happens at your first visit with a periodontist?
Q Am I a candidate for dental implants?
Q I have gum recession around a tooth. Can anything be done to fix this problem?
Q show a lot of gums when I smile. What can I do about this?
Q Is there a relationship between tobacco use and periodontal disease?
Q What are the warning signs of Periodontal Disease?
Q If I have all my teeth pulled and dentures made will I ever have to see my Prosthodontist again?
Q What is a crown?
Q What is a Prosthodontist?
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