The Connection Between Healthy Teeth and a Healthy Body

June 18, 2017
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The Connection Between Healthy Teeth and a Healthy Body

Why do you take care of your teeth?

Some people will say they take good care of their teeth because they want a bright, confident smile. Others will say that they want to avoid dental problems like cavities and tooth loss.

Rarely will you hear people say that they take care of their teeth because they want to be healthy.

What exactly is the correlation between your oral and overall health?

According to Dr. MDS Prasad, a dentist in Bangalore, many people are not aware of the fact that many medical problems can be attributed, to some degree, to mouth infections. Left untreated, these mouth infections can lead to diseases in other body parts.

Take gum disease, for example. Many studies indicate that this oral health problem is connected to chronic illnesses like heart disease, lung infections and problems related to diabetes and pregnancy.

But why do some people (medical and dental practitioners, included) choose to think of oral and overall health as two distinct concepts?

Some experts believe that there is no acceptable reason to view dental and overall health as two different concepts. But the sad fact is that dental coverage from government-sponsored insurance programs think otherwise, as evidenced by the reduced dental benefits for adults.

Some insurance companies do not cover dental care and patients rarely purchase dental insurance. It also does not help that some people are turned off by what they perceive is a steep price tag for dental coverage.

How dental care impacts your overall health 

But various initiatives from around the country show that putting an emphasis on dental care does have a positive impact on overall health.

In order to change the perception of dental health as a separate concept from overall health, there are a few key things that need to happen.

First, medical practitioners must move away from the old tradition of keeping dental and physical health separate.

Second, insurance companies must pave the way toward making dental care accessible to a broader number of people.

Third, people must recognize and understand the importance of dental health in one’s overall health. Healthy teeth and a healthy body can bring happiness to your life.

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