Tooth Restoration | What Options Do You Have?

June 18, 2017
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Your Different Options for Tooth Restoration

Dentistry now offers a variety of reliable methods to restore missing or damaged teeth. If you wish to regain your original smile, your dentist has a ready solution for you.

So what are the different types of tooth restoration? Here listed five of the most common options to choose from:


Dental bridges are false teeth that are used to “bridge” the space created by one missing tooth or a few missing teeth. They are anchored to the surrounding teeth, which are “crowned” and cemented securely into place. For bridges to be placed properly, it’s imperative that there are enough gums and bone, and that the surrounding teeth are stable enough to serve as an anchor to the bridge.


Dental Crowns are tooth-shaped “covers” or “caps” commonly used for teeth that have been root canaled and need to be protected from further damage. They are also used to hold bridges securely in place, and to cover dental implants.


Dentures are false teeth worn to replace missing teeth. They are removable and are made from acrylic resin and at times combined with a metal attachment. These come in partial and complete designs; partial dentures are used if there are remaining natural teeth, while those who have lost all their teeth use complete dentures.


Fillings are applied to teeth that have been damaged by cavities. The common materials for fillings are gold, silver amalgam, and tooth-colored plastic materials called composite resin fillings. Among these three, gold and silver amalgams are considered the most durable material, but composite resin is the most aesthetically pleasing. Fillings last for many years, but they do not prevent the spread of cavities if proper oral hygiene is not practiced regularly. When leaks appear, fillings need to be replaced.


Dental implants are permanent teeth replacements because they also include the replacement of tooth roots. Titanium posts are placed into the bone socket where teeth are missing, and they’re covered with a crown. Among the different kinds of tooth restorations, implants are the most expensive. They take a lot of work and not everybody is automatically qualified for the procedure. Dentists make sure that those who want or need implants are in completely good oral health in order to prevent complications during and after the procedure. Those who are not recommended for implants are patients with diabetes and cancer who have weakened immune systems; those who are highly prone to infection, and those who do not heal as quickly.

Contact your dentist to discuss which method of tooth restoration is right for you. The friendly professionals at Specialist’s Dental Clinic are dedicated to helping you maintain a confident smile.


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